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Watching Step Up: All In

Why I love this movie: *major spoiler alert* 1. Moose! …and Camille. Moose did the water-dancing from the previous serie, but this time with sand. Love it! 2. Adidas owned this movie. Well, Nike can do all they want with runners, but Adidas is for dancers. 3. All the crew from the first Step Up … Continue reading

Listening to Royals by Lorde

she just turned 17 and already had 2 #GRAMMYs : 📯 SONG OF THE YEAR 📯 BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE bet you’re gonna be a royal, girl! Listening to Royals by Lorde Preview it on Path

Stay away as fantasy…

How do you always know what I will say?
You seem to know me in the clearest way
I want to run and hide, keep you from finding me
You shouldn’t see, what is my mystery

But with the timing right it could be paradise
To do this now, would not be right

I was just fine, yes I was fine I thought
I didn’t think that I would get so lost
To have and not to hold and to pretend I’m cold
It is a lie because I melt every time

So stay away from me
You’re better off to stay as far from lovin’ me
Just stay a fantasy
In the dark, in the night and in my dreams

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  Someday you may leave Someday you may ask “where to?” I will also leave you… to nowhere but an answer “The only place you should go, is to the moon… and never return” Cause every time the sun is off, that is the time we are on We can switch a glance, but never … Continue reading