Watching Step Up: All In

Why I love this movie:
*major spoiler alert*
1. Moose! …and Camille. Moose did the water-dancing from the previous serie, but this time with sand. Love it!
2. Adidas owned this movie. Well, Nike can do all they want with runners, but Adidas is for dancers.
3. All the crew from the first Step Up movie dancing along wih The Mob. Such a great combination.
4. The Robot guy finally found his love, also a Robot girl. You should see how they hardly trying to hug each other šŸ˜€
5. The storyline is strong and make sense. Def the best of all Step Up serie.
6. Sean really stepped up his dancing moves and had a strong character.
7. Google Ads also make a cameo! Combining dancing and recent digital world are coolness.

The “All In” title really says it all. I am still wishing Chaning Tatum would make an appearance just like Vin Diesel at the end of Too Fast Too Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Anyway, I am a happy and satisfy fan šŸ™‚

Watching Step Up: All In

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