TOMORROWLAND 2012 – Crowd and Venue Review

As my previous review of DJs in Tomorrowland 2012, rasanya tidak adil kalau tidak membahas penonton dan venue nya. Banyak hal yang unik di sana, amazing!

Kostum dan make up dancer ini bener-bener diniatin banget

Tomorrowland provides all people imagination, midget dancer’s included


Huge dance area


Carousel and a sun

Lasers. Fireworks.

Body surfing

Laidback Luke hand signs


Using balloon as hat, looks like Pizza Hut’s

Doing Skrillex’s hairstyle challenge

Wanna have fun and capture it? This would do


Even the trees are being decorated in details

There’s a chocolate fondue with Belgium chocolate, sluurrppp!



There’s also a Church of Love, so creative and naughty.

Well, got the Tomorrownd 2012’s message, yet?

“Yesterday is history,

Today is a gift,

Tomorrow is mystery”









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