Two Big Reasons Why Bradley Cooper Is The Sexiest Man Alive

According to my post, Bradley Cooper with his beard is hot! Just last night I found out that People magz awarded him as the Sexiest Man Alive.


Bradley Cooper Is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive!

“My mother is going to be so happy,” adalah kalimat pertama yang dilontarkannya ketika ia mendapatkan titel tersebut. So sweet! Bradley memang dikenal sangat dekat dengan ibunya.

Well, penilaian majalah People menobatkan Bradley Cooper menjadi pria terseksi di tahun ini adalah:

1. Mata biru

2. Senyum yang mematikan

3. Lulusan Georgetown

4. Fasih berbahasa Perancis

5. Single!

I agree all the reasons above, but Bradley Cooper is just more than that! Two big reasons why he is a hottie,

He’s the star of Hangover!

and his decent beard! 

Can you imagine other actors replace Bradley Cooper’s role? Too bad I can’t.

Also, he looks good with his decent beard. Can I get an amen?



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