Fake Photos: #MalaysiaCheatLaser in Bukit Jalil

Few hours ago, Malaysia kicked Indonesia with 3 goals in Bukit Jalil where the match is being held. It’s very obvious on Markus’ face (Indonesia keeper), green laser was all over his face. Just in second, people tweet it and made it to first Trending Topic right now with #MalaysiaCheatLaser.

I also received the picture as a prove, a man is holding a big green laser. Indonesian get provoked easily, but

don’t you know? it’s a FAKE PHOTO. Malaysian supporters maybe, used a laser during the match, but what i found..it is a fake photo.

The picture has been taken since Saturday, June 12, 2010, during a match between Argentina and Nigeria at Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. A green laser pen was shone at players during the match between Argentina and Nigeria. Someone from the spectators flickered a green laser pen in the direction of the players including Lionel Messi and Argentina coach Diego Maradona.


Go check this out:





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