What Do You Want? What Do You Like?



a few days ago I had this conversation with a friend..

her:  I maybe exchange fromjazz into hip-hop dance class..

me:  why?

her:  it’s just not me and I’d like to try something new.

me:  hmm.. (there I stop)

then, the next few days I met an old friend with kinda same conversation..

him:  I’m gonna move into your college.

me:   really? why? but then you have to switch your major,

which is sooo different..

him:  it’s just not me, that’s why I messed with my classes

me:  hmm.. (my mind reverse to the previous conversation)

well that, brought me to this. I don’t really like Hotel thingy (my major in High School) but I successfully through it for 3 years with OK grades. but I want to learn a thing I truly enjoy in college, cause it’s gonna be around 4-5 years. that sucks if I pick a wrong major and it made me choose Public Relations. in my 3rd year, turns out…I don’t know what I’m gonna do after college. I mean, some of my classmates started to talk about where they’re going to work, blah blah.. in the other sides, I’m not that into working for big PR Consultant. Still living my huge dream to have my own company, but the next 1,5years when I’m graduated & reality bites, I’d appreciate whatever life gives me.

I love listening to people stories, it makes me think about myself even more. actually when I learn about those people, that is the time I learn about myself too. how would I react if I’m facing the situation, what I’m gonna deal with, etc. and the 2 conversations above, really remind me to know myself even more. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a thought about what I want and like.

have you…..?


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