The Ballad of Pisang Goreng


I’ve been living alone for more than 2 months and today I came back to my parents’ house for Christmas, as usual. I don’t celebrate Christmas in terms of religion, I’m a moslem but love the Christmas spirit. My dad is a Mualaf. Just like us as a moslem longing for opor ayam in Aidil Fitri, dad also wants a Christmas food. Turkey, etc, but no pork.

Last week I was craving for homemade food. It’s a curse for a single fighter like me. Fortunately, Mom called and she was heading to Plaza Senayan. So I went there just for a lil chit chat. Mom was over the top told me about what she cooked at home, most of all… my fav snack! Pisang Goreng! Why on earth mom made pisang goreng, WITHOUT ME AT HOME? I am the one crazy about it!

My friends think it’s just a sign she wanted me to go home. I admit, I rarely around. Only a day in two/three weeks. I wanna be there, I just can’t. As far as I know, Mom totally got it. so, back to today.. I was just arrived, go to my pinky bedroom, easily yawn and few mins later mom yelled from down there..

“deeee…. pisang goreennggg…”

whoaaaaa… I really wanted to eat it all straight! but since I’m in my Gym outfit, I need to let it go for hours.

mommyy, though for mother’s day I cant haven’t got you anything yet.. you still and always gives me  things, and cares. I’m still an amateur when it comes to caring, but I keep learning. one thing I’ve learnt, even it’s just a small thing, if you give it with care and you really mean would mean the world to a person. Just like you, mom, making a pisang goreng for me today. thank youuu 🙂


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