Example – Two Lives

I got a split personality, do I love me more than I love you? and if you’re gone, will I see clarity? Or will i just feel like we got down fooled?
This could go any way, this could end any day… should I listen to my heart or my friends eh?
Or this could be happy days, our love won’t evaporate… This could be just a phase we’re going through
Two lives, living two lives… I don’t know which side of me is where the truth lies
I’m living two lives, living two lives. I got two sides of me tryna do right, I got one on each shoulder, both saying ‘I told ya’. One is saying ‘go’ and the other’s saying ‘no, no, no.’
living two lives
I had a split personality, I thought I loved me more than I loved you
Don’t make me beg like a charity cause now I see me without you, won’t do


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