I Love June

I looked at my own blog and hardly believe with my previous post. I thought my name wasn’t special! Umm, actually I just discover its uniqueness, today. My last name’s taken from the month I was born – its kinda usual, at first, but today I knew! Ah its always good to discover new things. I feel like an inventor [lebay]. So here’s why…I do love June, my last name, my Mom who cleverly created it instead of picking the traditional Java name which was my dad’s family idea, and surely God who gives her for me…

Me and my long time friend are finally reunited. It wasn’t that official but we sorta make it happen, at least we got the intention to do so. Whatever the problems are, always good to have your friend back, no matter what! I’m glad in fact I’ve never lost any.

I finally have a new housemaid – which is a really good accomplishment, cause my mom doesn’t get along that well with those people. She likes to clean anything her own way and of course it’ll be different for every housemaid, she’s not really happy with it. But hey mom, its all cleaned anyway, very!

My mom’s tendon pain is getting better significantly, guess she’s ok now. And I guess the new housemaid thingy doesn’t make her happy, she thinks she can do it herself – or when she get tired of it she’ll ask her already tired after school and work daughters to do it. This is from the bottom of my deepest heart, please do keep our new housemaid. Your daughters wont’ be home 24/7! *fingers crossed*

I met lotsa interesting people! They’re so kind to me and I’m so amazed by how God unite us. All of it was unexpected, full of surprises and made me blushing all day long! I knew it, I’m so blessed!

Today, I feel like my life has been better and better. One thing for sure, when I do good things, I wouldn’t expect any return from them.  I knew God would do the return via someone else. Same theory for my bad things, as well. The best thing? All of it happens in June, has always been my best friend, I should’ve known it! But yeah at least I discover it myself.

That’s a second chance when you could have back something you thought you’ve lost, be grateful and live it better!



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